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LETTER: Langley reader says Portugal solved overdose crisis

Others should follow the example to deal with the other epidemic taking place, letter writer argues

Dear Editor,

[Re: Editorial – The other pandemic, Langley Advance Times, Feb. 18]

Addressing the overdose pandemic requires a more creative solution than found in federal guidelines, or your editorial of Feb. 18.

Portugal has shown the way for neutralizing the overdose epidemic: legalization. A source of drugs with known doseage, known potency and predictable effects.

This approach has virtually eliminated inadvertent overdoses in Portugal.

The half measures we currently espouse have been ineffective, cost lives and support illegal supplies and illegal suppliers.

Legalization is an effective approach that allows the health-care system to save lives and defunds criminals.

It has been effective in Portugal and can be effective here. No half measures!

Dr. Richard Mathias, Murrayville


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