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LETTER: Langley park drinking pilot article should not be next to drunk confrontation article

Having the stories on the same page shows bias against public drinking, letter writer argues

Dear Editor,

[Re: People record altercation, Langley Advance Times, June 3, and Yes to outdoor drinking pilot, Langley Advance Times, June 3]

Reading through the the June 3 edition of the Langley Advance Times, I found the juxtaposition of the two stories about public consumption of alcohol interesting.

The story of what sounds like a few ignorant men drinking and making unwanted aggressive comments to a couple of women is right next to the report that Langley City council has approved a pilot project to permit limited outdoor alcohol consumption in three locations.

I am in favour of the pilot project, and a bit annoyed that your positioning of the two pieces indicates a bit of a bias against public alcohol consumption.

Most people don’t turn into creeps or bullies just because they have a glass of wine or a beer in the open air.

As evidenced by the first story, there are folks who don’t really care what the law or the idea of civil behaviour mean in any case, and will drink and behave as they choose regardless – with or without the pilot project, those folks are subject to law enforcement.

The pilot project is not allowing public drunkenness, nor impaired driving, nor is it changing the laws regarding assault – let’s not create the spectre of unrestrained besotted misbehaviour out of it, when in reality it is about letting people enjoy the beauty of the parks and open spaces in Langley, while enjoying a glass of wine or beer exactly as they might in their own backyard.

With the very rapid development happening throughout the valley, many residents live in townhouses or apartments, and the opportunity to get together outdoors and experience the magnificence of Langley should be encouraged.

Michelle Laurie, Walnut Grove


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