A Langley senior has had his vaccination and booster and is reporting no ill effects. (Black Press Media files)

LETTER: Langley man has both jabs and encourages others to get theirs

No uncontrollable rolling of eyes, swelling in odd places, nor inversion of bellybutton, man reports

Dear Editor,

Well, I got my vaccine shot #2, and, so far, I’m not experiencing any adverse reactions such as debilitating disequilibrium, unpredictable fainting spells, incapacitating fatigue, excruciating back pain, drastic sensory deprivation, peculiar itches immune to scratching, acute discolouration of the nail beds, involuntary muscle spasms, precipitative decline of cognitive function, terrifying hallucinations, paralyzing migraines, crushing sensory overload, unpredictable blackouts, eruptive (and disruptive) bowl movements, mind-bending nausea, scorching fever, irrational gut-busting laughing spells, sudden blood-curdling screams, over-the-top offensive halitosis, complete spacial disorientation, projectile vomiting, volatile blood pressure, loss of hair or hearing, uncontrollable rolling of the eyes, chronic insomnia, putrid ulcers, massive bruising and swelling in odd places, explosive heart palpitations, or inversion of the bellybutton, which were, thankfully, also kept at bay after my first jab.

Definitely highly recommended!

Wout Brouwer, Langley


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