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LETTER: Langley man advocates for debate not hate over differences of opinion

People fear being attacked personally for expressing differing opinions, writer says

Dear Editor,

On the debate about bill C6, conversion therapy, the Bible and shaming;

The parliamentary debate over Bill C-6, which includes prohibiting so called conversion therapy, rightly raises serious concerns and strong feelings both in MP Tamara Jansen and MP Robert Oliphant along with the writers and readers of the Langley Advance Times.

It’s an important debate. Bill C-6 will affect the families of all of us if passed.

It takes courage to speak out publicly and to write emotional letters to the editor these days because an opposing point of view is so harshly attacked in our culture along with the person who holds that point of view.

The values of love, respect, and our shared value of the freedom of speech demand that we listen to each other even if we disagree with a person’s point of view.

All of us have belief systems and world views which may need to be reviewed or challenged periodically if it’s true or not. We still have that freedom in Canada to decide for ourselves what is truth, without an idea being forced on us as it is in some countries.

Both MP Jansen and MP Oliphant have strong beliefs, and both have used biblical passages to support their differing points of view. Both MPs should be commended for speaking out about these important issues surrounding Bill C-6.

I personally consider Bill C-6 bad legislation, because it is divisive and attacks my freedoms and the authority of the family. C-6 is unnecessary and should be abandoned or defeated, in my view.

Finally, on the matter of shaming. If a person feels shamed from words coming from the Bible, they need to hear the complete message, because Jesus came to forgive and remove shame from all of us, and has done so in me.

Helmut Boehm, Langley


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