Langley Township and City provide garbage receptacles where people can deposit their bags of dog poop instead of tossing the bags into bushes. (Langley Advance Times)

LETTER: Langley letter writer dumps on irresponsible dog owners

People who don't clean up their dogs poop or who toss the bags in the bushes irk local resident

Dear Editor,

I’m an avid bike rider in the Walnut Grove area. I would like to give a shout out to all the dog walkers who clean up after their pets.

Then we have the folks who don’t pick up after their pets, and pitch the little plastic bag into the trees and bushes. This is disgusting waste, not Christmas ornaments.

The laziest of all pet owners won’t even pick up after their pets. Shame on you! The Township of Langley went to great lengths to create the trails and paths throughout our area.

Leaving the droppings shows that you don’t deserve to own a pet.

If you fit in this category, clean up the mess. It’s not up to your dog!

Dog lover and avid bike rider,

Bill Ott, Walnut Grove


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