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Advocate file photo

Letter: Keeping B.C. beautiful

Landowners' respect for the environment of the shoreline is swamped by fast boaters' disregard.

Riparian landowners throughout B.C. comply with many restrictions for the protection of ecosystems that make B.C. beautiful.

Riparian motorboats do not, it seems, along the Shuswap River. Landowners’ respect for the environment on one side of the shoreline is swamped by fast boaters’ disregard on the other side.

It’s time for motorboats to exercise the same care as landowners. It’s time for fast boats within wake distance of any shoreline; especially compressed river shorelines, to observe speed restrictions that respect habitat and other river users.

Fast boats have many open lake alternatives for speed and towing.

Paddle boats & floaters along the narrow Shuswap River system far outnumber fast boats. The meandering Shuswap already draws hundreds more recreational slow boats to the River economy than the relatively few fast boats. It’s the new wave in tourism.

B.C. is beautiful because of its environment and because of the diversity it offers in recreational opportunities. Please institute effective speed restrictions to protect the Shuswap’s sensitive ecosystem and to provide diversity in slow river floating options. Nesting and feeding fauna along with thousands of recreational floaters will thank you long into the future.

Greig Crockett

Vernon Morning Star