This photo shows some of the industrial waste collected at a Denman Island shore clean-up. (File photo)

LETTER – It’s appalling that the aquaculture industry is getting free money to clean up its own mess

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

RE: Shellfish industry gets funds to clean up ghost gear

Where exactly do I queue-up to get taxpayer money to clean up my garbage?

If the local shellfish industry can win a grant of $350,000 from Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) in order to clean up “old baskets, ropes and other material left over from [shell]fish farming operations,” why not me… or you?

This stuff is the industry detritus and we, the Canadian taxpayers, are paying them to clean up their mess. What a deal!

Let’s see. Over the past week, I collected six containers of yard waste, two boxes of recycling, and one garbage can and put them out on the curb.

I think I’m due a grant of about $10 every Thursday because I’m cleaning up my mess. And, let’s not forget my neighbours. They do a darn good job cleaning up their detritus too.

Much better than the shellfish industry, it seems, which needs a $350,000 incentive to do what they should be doing as part of their industry operations. Like their mothers taught them – clean your room, pick up your dirty socks, and, oh, take the garbage out. Then we can talk allowance.

Clean-up should be part of operations, without getting an allowance (or a grant).

Pat Carl,


Comox Valley Record

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