LETTER: Is there a cheaper alternative?

Re: RDN to build new bridge at Little Qualicum River Park (The NEWS, July 27).

Re: RDN to build new bridge at Little Qualicum River Park (The NEWS, July 27).

With respect to the recent announcement by the RDN to replace the Little Qualicum River Regional Park bridge at a cost of $700,000, I would like to draw their attention to a recent situation in Toronto.

Last month a group of Toronto residents requested that a stairway be installed adjacent to a community garden. The city claimed it would cost somewhere between $65- to $110-thousand and would have to be studied. In the meantime an enterprising older gentleman took it upon himself to complete the task in one day for a total of $550.

While they weren’t the most professional, they did do the job.

However the authorities have since removed the structure for questionable safety concerns. Toronto Mayor John Tory intervened and admonished his staff and the outrageous estimated project costs. To conclude, staff has come back with a new cost estimate of $10,000, with the steps to be completed within the month.

I realize the two situations are very different but given that the RDN at present has received a bid of $33,000 to repair the bridge, I have to wonder why they are now considering a new bridge at such an outrageous cost.

Is there a Mayor Tory amongst the members of the RDN that can reign in this out-of-control spending of of tax payers hard-earned money.

Jim Bergot

Qualicum Beach

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