LETTER: Inner revolution required

From reader Michael Dailly

Donald Trump leaving is just the beginning. We all need to ask ourselves how have we contributed to creating the great divide that exists between conservative and liberal thinking. We all suffer in a winner-take-all system. We just take turns winning while everything seems to continue to spiral downward.

I am committed to listening to others’ points of view and finding a place of balance between having it all and having nothing. This means the conversation about a minimum living wage and providing the necessities of life (shelter, food, water, health care and the opportunity educate yourself) must include a conversation about a maximum wage and a limit on the amount of wealth a person can accumulate.

The power to change how the system works must rest with each individual and should not be dependant on how much money you have. I sure hope that the revolution we face is fought with our voices, our votes, our choices and our hearts. How about we all start by committing to a more sustainable plant-based diet?

Commit to walking, riding your bike more and less fast food, more gardening, more kindness, more sharing, fewer cigarettes, less screen time, more listening for a better way and doing the hard work of changing ourselves. I believe this type of inner revolution will lead to us electing leaders with heart and a commitment to a better world that includes kindness and justice for all.

Michael Dailly


Nelson Star

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