Letter: Inexpensive Google Cardboard an innovative tool for teachers

Editor: Re: the letter about Google Cardboard written by Kelsey Ann Oskam (the Times March 16).

I am a secondary school teacher in Port Coquitlam who has used Google Cardboard in my classroom as a teaching tool.

The students built the VR headsets using Google’s instructions all for less than $2, so I disagree with Kelsey saying that they are ‘expensive’ or only available for “private or over-funded” schools.

In fact, they are quite cheap and easily accessible.

Furthermore, Google Cardboard offers a new avenue to explore and educate.

One example being tourist views of travel destinations.

It is simply an innovate tool that provides students with a new way of learning.

It should not take away from the tragic events that occur in the world, but it also shouldn’t be designed to expose all of them to students.

It is important to raise awareness to worldly issues but there are appropriate times to do so.

Letters such as these provide a “skewed” view of how new technology can be utilized to help prepare students for the future.

A. Kang,

Technology education teacher

Langley Times