LETTER: In praise of Grand Forks vet Dr. Ruth Sims

The HEART Society expresses gratitude to Dr. Ruth Sims of Kettle River Veterinary in Grand Forks.


Running a dog rescue organization is a huge challenge, the biggest obstacle of which is finances.

Groups can fundraise, canvas for donations, charge adoption fees but all it takes is one severely ill animal and the bank account is drained.

Unless, of course, you have Dr. Ruth Sims of Kettle River Veterinary in your corner. Even though the HEART Society runs out of Rossland/Trail, our board members and volunteers frequently make the drive to Grand Forks, where Dr. Sims and her staff do amazing work with our rescue animals and do so at generously discounted rates.

It is not an exaggeration to say that HEART could not exist without Dr. Sims. In order to survive, our group must maintain adoption rates competitive with the SPCA and other local groups, to ensure our dogs aren’t passed over due to excessive pricing.

We also must ensure, in the interests of ethical standards, that our dogs are adopted out spayed or neutered and vaccinated.

It would not be possible to do both without the rescue pricing offered by Kettle River Veterinary, which is unmatched by any clinic within the Kootenays.

HEART recognizes that Dr. Sims is sacrificing her time and well-deserved profits to repeatedly help our animals. From puppies on intravenous to major surgeries, Kettle River has been there for us in our times of need and our dogs have received first-class treatment.

We would like to publicly thank Dr. Sims for her selflessness and dedication to homeless pets and encourage anyone visiting the clinic to show their appreciation as well. HEART recently celebrated its 60th rescue and we couldn’t have done it alone.

Ida Koric, HEART president, Rossland

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