LETTER: If you defy recommendations, don’t seek medical care

From reader Howie Ross

Please agree to not seek hospital or doctor care if you decide to go against the advice of trained doctors and scientists, and you choose to defy the recommendations.

If you really believe that COVID is either a hoax or a conspiracy, and you are protesting and disregarding physical and social distancing, please demonstrate your commitment to your belief, and kindly sign a letter or an affidavit stating that you will not seek, nor will you accept, treatment by the medical system.

Others going along with the conventional wisdom might need these services and it wouldn’t be fair if these services were not available to them because of some intentional reckless behaviours. Some of those affected could be young, healthy people, or your grandparents or your children. It seems to me to be quite selfish to thumb your nose at this. If you don’t care about your own health, do it for someone else.

Yes, hospitals are currently not overwhelmed with COVID cases in our region, and that’s a good thing! It’s called “preparation,” just in case the hospitals are needed. It’s like preparing for a hurricane and boarding up your windows, just in case. This preparedness needs to be done ahead of time, not while the storm is happening, and that’s why hospitals are in a state of readiness.

If somehow we manage to avoid the hurricane (or COVID), we should consider ourselves fortunate. We shouldn’t look back and say “we did this all for nothing.” We should appreciate our good fortunes.

“This virus is a beast,” according to a well respected Nelson doctor. It doesn’t discriminate based on income, race, gender or anything else. Bill Gates is not the enemy; ignorance and lack of education over the past 50 years is the enemy. 5G is not a delivery system for COVID and chem trails are not out to get you!

Just ride this out for another few weeks or so. Pay attention to the advice, recommendations and requirements by qualified doctors, and quit looking for Youtube and fake news outlets to support your conspiracy beliefs. If you are so anti-government, please don’t accept any financial aid; that would be way too hypocritical. Stand up for, and demonstrate your beliefs and your defiance.

Doctors and hospitals will not turn you away if you’ve contracted the virus, nor will they question your beliefs or even judge your behaviours. They will treat you as a human being who needs health care (even if signed an affidavit). Nurses, doctors, first responders, and all essential frontline workers deserve our thanks and respect. Please don’t compromise their well-being.

Howie Ross


Nelson Star

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