(THE NEWS/files)Maple Ridge could have more playing fields if voters agree.

Letter: I am voting no for each option

Spending $23.5 million we don't have on ice is absolutely crazy.

Editor, The News:

Re: Time to sign your name if you don’t like Maple Ridge rec plans.

Regarding the current proposals for going into debt to pay for numerous unnecessary improvements and additions to our city, I am voting no for each option.

I just cannot get over their thought process with this. They want to go into debt to improve or replace or repair facilities in a city that has a frighteningly large drug abuse problem.

Most families I know are considering moving away from Maple Ridge because they are horrified and embarrassed about what their city has become.

Spending $23.5 million we don’t have on ice is absolutely crazy. A new ice rink is not what is going to keep families in Maple Ridge.

Neither is a new synthetic field or a gathering place.

You know what will keep families in Maple Ridge? Control of our addicted population.

When you borrow money, you have to pay it back. How on earth are they going to pay back $50 million dollars?

Business is not booming in Maple Ridge and those who actually pay taxes are getting stretched thinner and thinner to support those who refuse to pay for anything.

I would rather borrow money to provide security to local shops and businesses so that taxpaying residents of this town can shop here without fear or harassment.

Many of us take our children elsewhere for many things to avoid the addicts.

How is putting in some fake grass going to help?

In our current political state, how is it appropriate to bring up even one of these ideas for proposal?

Clean your house before you buy new furniture. You can’t just put a bunch of shiny stuff on a mound of crap and say it’s all better.

Rose Cotton

Maple Ridge

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