LETTER: Human family is a dog's pack

LETTER: Human family is a dog’s pack



Re: The promenade is for the people, Aug. 9 letter

In my experience, if there are disposable doggy bags and garbage bins along the route, dog walkers will abide and pick up after their dogs.

I understand the city will be supplying bags and special garbage bins.

As Debbie Laternus suggests in her letter, dogs are pack animals, but their pack is not other dogs but their human families.

Dogs want to be with their human pack and lunging at other dogs and humans is more likely to happen at dog parks where dogs are off-leash.

My dog loves walking where there are people. He is thrilled that some have treats for him.

White Rock’s Farmers Market is a great example. Often children and adults will ask if they can pat him and then tell me that it makes their day.

After I walk my dog, I often stop at restaurants and coffee shops with outdoor seating and in the winter, when it is cool, my dog is happy to sleep in his bed in the car while I shop or have a bite to eat.

Many other places in the world, dogs are allowed inside food establishments and there have been no deaths reported.

Dogs are man’s best friend, we all need a best friend or at the very least smile at one.

Vickie Darts, White Rock

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