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LETTER – How much are we paying our Courtenay-Comox MLA to represent us in Victoria?

A breakdown of an MLA's salary and benefits

Dear editor,

We the residents of the Comox Valley are about to hire someone to represent us in Victoria. As that individual’s employer, we are responsible for paying their salary and benefits. You might want to know how much they are going to cost before you make your selection.

Our current MLA, Ronna-Rae Leonard, is paid a basic salary of $111,024.19. In addition, she carries the title Parliamentary Secretary for Seniors, for which she is paid a bonus of 15 per cent or $16,653.63, bringing her salary to $127,677.82/year or $10,639.82 per month.

Because Ronna-Rae’s home is in Courtenay, she receives a Capital City Housing Allowance of $22,000/year. While at work in Victoria or on business, Ronna-Rae is paid a per diem of $61/day for meals. If she travels to Victoria from Courtenay using her own vehicle, she is paid $0.55/km or $242 for the 440-km round trip.


If Ronna-Rae is able to keep her job as MLA for at least six years, she is entitled to an MLA pension. MLA pensions accrue at a rate of 3.5 per cent of salary per year. As such, Ronna’s lifetime pension after only six years will be $26,812.34/year.

So while many of you have been laid off work, are struggling to keep your businesses going or are trying to make ends meet on a fixed pension, you can rest assured that you will have a representative in Victoria who is unselfishly looking out for your best interests!

Ken McDonald,


Comox Valley Record