Letter: How do you develop an informed opinion

Kelowna letter-writer says we should do our homework before sounding off

To the editor:

I can agree with the first paragraph of Mr. Sisett’s letter (Dictatorships just don’t happen, Jan. 24) however, it goes downhill from there. Certainly an informed opinion is better but the question is, how do you develop an informed opinion?

To gather information to build an informed opinion requires some due diligence over and above listening to one point of view, such as that spewed out by the mainstream media.

Even in the mainstream media you will find differences of perspective on the issues.

For example, Fox News will often take a different angle than other mainstream media.

None of them have all the facts, and none of them always report the complete truth.

The point is that, an informed opinion requires that you consider other sources of information including alternative media, experts who have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the topic at hand, and even information from those “on the inside,” before forming an opinion.

And let’s not forget, as I believe Mr. Sisett does, or is not aware of, ongoing senate judicial hearings on important issues are recorded and posted on YouTube or C-Span for all to see and what you see and hear there, is much different than what the mainstream media selectively chooses to report to the public.

So, before making assumptions about anyone, or anything, or any event, make sure you do a little homework first in order to avoid making an uninformed opinion.

Grant Baudais, Kelowna


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