LETTER: Homeless wasting taxpayers’ money

Ruining something others have contributed to for everyone to enjoy

Why would some homeless people in Abbotsford think they have the right to erect tents and live in our city parks?

Most of these people are not from Abbotsford but from other regions. They have not paid any taxes for the upkeep etc. of the parks. Parents would not be able to let their children play in any park while or after the homeless have lived in them for fear of getting hurt or diseases from the needles lying around, along with other garbage.

Why would a small group of people ruin something that others have contributed to for everyone to enjoy?

We all try to obey the city’s bylaws, and the homeless should obey them also. Taking the City of Abbotsford to court to have the bylaws changed to accommodate the homeless, is a complete waste of taxpayers’ money.

C. Rode


Abbotsford News