Letter: Help needed for another refugee family

This is an appeal for help with another refugee family.

This is an appeal for help with another refugee family.

The Castlegar Refugee Project team has successfully sponsored two families in Castlegar for their first year in Canada and now they are independent of our team. For another family to be sponsored here all that is needed is a new ringleader.

They will have plenty of mentorship from our team, start-up funds saved in the credit union and the help of many of our volunteer helpers.

A new leader is crucial to initiating the application for another sponsorship. The rewards the team have received from this project have been many.

The Syrian family escaped war-torn Syria. The family from Myanmar escaped discrimination and poverty. Now, this Burmese couple has jobs and live in their own rental home in Regina where there is a large Burmese community. They are able to phone us from there and carry on a good conversation in English.

The men in both families are close to getting their driver’s licences. The significant English that they have learned to get this far, is due to our organized private tutorship.

Rosemary Manarin

Castlegar Refugee Project

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