Letter: Good Samaritans step up when need is greatest

I will always be touched, especially by the group of strangers who gathered to help us out of a bad situation on Thanksgiving Sunday.

To the editor:

I am writing today to express my deep gratitude to a whole bunch of strangers that took the time to offer assistance in a motor vehicle accident on the Coquihalla near Brenda Mine on Thanksgiving Sunday.

My two-year-old daughter, Ruby, and I were travelling from Vancouver to Kelowna for Thanksgiving dinner when the vehicle I was operating lost control. We flipped and rolled through the trees in terror and came to rest in the ditch.

Ruby stayed unbelievably calm and only showed a sign of distress when she saw that I was bleeding from the head.

After forcing my door open I attempted to navigate my way around to the passenger door to get Ruby out. I collapsed in the ditch before I could reach her and screamed in fear and shock. I saw people running across from the opposite side of the highway and cars beginning to stop in aid.

An off duty firefighter was one of the first to reach us and did an amazing job of assessing the scene and coordinating the Samaritan rescue effort. He assured me that my daughter was OK and took a first look at my injuries. Thank you so much sir, for your organization under pressure. Before long an off duty doctor arrived and further tended to me.

There was no cellular service at the scene so somebody had to drive until they could contact 911. A lady contacted my mother at my request and informed her with care.

I was informed that my daughter was freed from the wreck before long. She was being kept warm and calm in a nearby vehicle while we waited for emergency crews to reach us.

A lady kept her finger on my pulse and offered calming and gentle words. My arm was being supported in shifts. Somebody supported my neck manually. Everybody remained so calm and reassured me that we were going to be OK. People continued to stop and offer blankets and assistance. Even though emergency had not yet arrived this group of amazing strangers had us calmed, stabilized and in relative comfort.

I wouldn’t have ever imagined that random group of bypassers could be so effective in aiding our trauma. You are all so amazing and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Further thanks to Const. Zimmerman of the RCMP and the ambulatory transport crews that got us to Kelowna General where family was waiting.

Thanks to the emergency room staff that scanned Ruby’s body for signs of injury. Against all odds she suffered only slight bruising from her restraints. Thanks to the surgeon, nurses and staff of KGH for quickly mending me.

I will always be touched, especially by the group of strangers who gathered to help us out of a bad situation on Thanksgiving Sunday.

On behalf of myself and all of our family, thank you all so very much.

Jesse and Ruby Blunderfield,



Kelowna Capital News