Letter: Golden-Field RCMP clarify information sent to residents

Letter: Golden-Field RCMP clarify information sent to residents

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

Late last week, residents of Selkirk Hill received a flyer from the Golden Sound Festival informing them that the organizers were looking to host the event at Keith King Memorial Park on July 28, 2018.

The letter from the event organizers stated “First aid personnel will be present at the event and we are working in conjunction with the RCMP on every matter.”

The Golden-Field RCMP would like to speak to this statement as they believe it may be misleading.

Although organizers of the Golden Sound Festival have consulted with us in previous years, to date, we have not been consulted or notified regarding the planning of the 2018 event nor its change in location to Keith King Memorial Park. Any suggestion that we have been working in conjunction with the organizers leading up to this announcement is inaccurate.

We will be consulting with the Town of Golden in the coming days to express our concerns, however, we are hopeful that we can move forward in a cooperative manner with organizers, area residents, and other community members, regardless of where the event takes place.


Sgt. Betty Watson,

Detachment Commander

Golden-Field RCMP

Golden Star

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