Letter: Going the wrong way

As I said, no matter who has been in (so called power), the country is going the wrong way.

As most people, I’ve been following the U.S. elections, and like the majority vote, I like what Trump has promised.

Now before everyone starts freaking out, I do not agree in his views of women, people with different backgrounds, immigration and all that other B.S. that he has disgraced others with and himself.

But I do really like the idea of doing things for the people! And, who knows if he will really come through with his promises? What I liked most was that he was all about the people in the country.

Now myself, I don’t vote. Now before all you voters scream, because I don’t vote (I can’t complain) I say another big B.S. Why? Because I’ve been watching politics in our country for my whole life and no matter who or what party has been in (so called power), things in our country keep going down hill.

Our veterans have been disgraced by our government. They send these heroes to war, then got the nerve to forget about them except one day a year. Sure they’ve done some things, but really, come on. Our education system, our medical system, our homelessness — it’s a disgrace.

Our so-called governors try to tell us they’re doing things for our better. The person with ICBC, or whatever part of the government, tells us that he’s going to give (the fines for driving and texting) another year. Are you kidding me? People are dying here and more every day. Because they’re (government) are making millions and millions of dollars they’re going to give it another year to see if the fines are going to make a difference. Everybody knows if there was a governing family member killed by a driving texter the laws would be changed tomorrow.

Our government, in my view, has not had our interest in mind for a long, long time. I could go on and on. The way I see it, you people that vote, are saying you are OK with the way our country is.

As I said, no matter who has been in (so called power), the country is going the wrong way.

Phil Wyatt




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