LETTER: Garbage bins only benefit contractor, manufacturer

LETTER: Garbage bins only benefit contractor, manufacturer

Most Summerland households do not generate enough waste to justify new containers

Dear Editor:

It never fails to amaze me how the current Summerland mayor, council and administrative staff come up with their plans for the good of the citizens.

Case in point is the new large garbage, recycle and garden waste containers we are being forced to use. These bins benefit only the garbage contractor and the manufacturer.

Most Summerland households generate one or two part bags of garbage per week, one bag of recycle every other week and minimal garden waste.

Where does one store these large bins and how will seniors get them to and from the curb?

I have been tried by previous garbage contractors and it does not work.

This is another example of the limited use of the little grey cells at the upper levels of our current Summerland government.

Take the time to view the items this government deems necessary in the coming year, that will result in a large tax increase in all services.

Bill Cook


Summerland Review