LETTER: First debate left Pitt Meadows reader still wondering who to vote for

LETTER: First debate left Pitt Meadows reader still wondering who to vote for

Disturbed by the showing by most candidates at the climate debate forum

Dear Editor,

I attended the climate debate and felt strongly that the only person who showed integrity, eloquence (without notes) and a clear understanding of the climate issues we face was the independent candidate Steve Ranta.

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The Green and NDP candiate basically touted the party line without much personal input.

Our Liberal MP did speak off the cuff. He has obviously learned how Ottawa works (or doesn’t) and tried to explain some of the complexities of getting anything done there for which I applaud him.

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I strongly feel that the People’s Party candidate should not have been allowed to join the others on the stage.

He was late and didn’t apologize or seem the least concerned. He then proceeded to to give incoherent answers to the questions.

We as Canadians are way too polite, only getting upset in this instance after he got the Liberal MP’s name wrong for the third time.

The democratic process shouldn’t mean that we have to put up with people who don’t take the process seriously.

And the conservative candidate not turning up for one of only two all-candidate debates –enough said.

So who to vote for?

I await the next debate before I make a decision.

Rhian Piprell, Pitt Meadows

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