LETTER: Equality for Sion water users

My Sion Irrigation water in Grand Forks has not been turned on yet this year because I made improvements to my water line.


My Sion Irrigation water has not been turned on yet this year because I made improvements to my water line.

I have been told that I need a reverse flow valve (RFV) installed before my water will be on.  I will still pay $700 water taxes whether I use water or not. The valve will be another $300 to $700.

I feel that this is not only a dirty trick but an uneducated practice.

Sion will turn your water off so you can make improvements but won’t turn it back on, ‘til you install a reverse flow valve.

I am in favour of water safety. We have all heard of what can happen to a community that has unsafe practices regarding clean water.

I drove around the neighbourhood and saw many hydrants with only a ball valve, and their water has been turned on.

I also made phone calls to various Sion water users and their water has been turned on, with no request to have a RFV.

My concern is, how do you expect 100 per cent safety with clean water if there is a discrimination as to who needs a valve and who doesn’t?

How does the bailiff decide? Part of my water taxes ($120 a year, for the next 10 years) is for another area, so they can have a well built.

Water that we will not be using in this district.

I would like to see a similar financial practice used for installing RFVs in this district, to everyone’s water lines and really have 100 per cent safety.

The ignorant practices of dictatorship need to be challenged and brought up to modern times, if we really want 100 per cent.

Lorraine O’Connor, Grand Forks

Grand Forks Gazette