Letter: EDPA is the wrong solution

Re: EDPA open house set for June 17 at Commonwealth Place, News (June 10)

Re: EDPA open house set for June 17 at Commonwealth Place, News (June 10)

Your article informing the public of the open houses for the EDPA is informative but makes it sound like some sort of social information session: It is anything but!

How do the owners of the over 2,000 properties registered under EDPA and registered in “Saanich’s Property Reports” sell their properties with covenants registered against them? They can take a drastic loss if they can obtain an offer.

Most of the EDPA homes listed for sale on our street have been listed from one to three years. One recently sold after three years with a $400,000 loss to the owners.

Other people are still cutting down mature trees at will, building decks with or without permits and putting up new fencing. Protecting biodiversity and restoring degraded ecosystems is someone’s pipe dream.

Our waterfront this spring is so overgrown with invasive species that even the raccoons are having trouble moving about. The good news is that invasive species are exempt under the EDPA so they do not need to be removed.

Unless homeowners are allowed to look after their property sans covenants, the best thing any of us can do is try to sell out and get out of Saanich. Any buyers out there?

Leo de BruinSaanich


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