A dust advisory has been issued in Vernon March 9, 2021. (Jennifer Smith - Morning Star)

LETTER: Dust in the City

Suggestion to better handle dust

A gentleman highlighted the dust pollution and I’d like to add the health risk it causes; his suggested a remedy may not help much.

The city is actually doing a good job of removing last winter road sending.

Dust control is an unwinnable war. There is no equipment made that could accomplish that, we have no ability to control the sores, some of it is studded tires driven ’round churning out fine particles, dried-out window planters blown by the winds, dust settling on sidewalks…just too numerous to list.

One of the better tools to use is washing down at the rate that is flushed into the storm drain and not just blown to a different place.

It is effective and easily done.

A vehicle parked in the street is no problem, the city already has the equipment. To gain on the dust we need to be doing it nightly when it’s not raining, the water needed to do the job can be obtained straight from the lakes with no cost, washing down doesn’t need treated water.

I live in a busy part of 34th Street, I see the city sweeper truck regularly the next day the dust is back.

To effectively control the dust can be very expensive.

The question is are we willing to pay?

Should or could Interior Health force the city to improve air quality?


Don’t let this issue die. It affects everybody that is still breathing.

Steve Skultety

Vernon Morning Star

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