Letter: Drugs link to US gun violence

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to Matthew Claxton’s “Gun control debate is not sane” [Painful Truth, July 2, Langley Advance].

Mr. Claxton argues that the root cause of another mass shooting is the American gun culture. 

The truth is that almost all mass shooting have three things in common. 

First is a gun, usually not legally owned. The second which is ignored by the news is that the shooting takes place at a “gun free zone” and third, the perpetrator is on, or coming off of, mind-altering psychiatric drugs.

Two generations ago it was normal for American children to drive to school with their guns in their vehicles and nobody got shot. 

Why does the American news corporations refuse to discuss the link between psychiatric drugs and violence? 

Could it be because the pharmaceutical companies pay them millions of dollars in advertising?

Jason Bradner, Abbotsford

Langley Advance