Letter: Drive the road conditions

Insurance rates should reflect [vehicles designed to be driven at well over the speed limit] and, as far as I know, they do.

To the editor:

The argument has again been raised to increase the speed limits on the roads where it is possible to drive at higher rates.

This is all well and good, let them drive as fast as the road permits, but if they make one mistake at the new speed, make the fine go up along with the speed. In other words if they wish to drive at that speed let them pay accordingly.

These new vehicles cost more and are designed to be driven at well over the speed limit—why I do not know—but if they can afford it, let them pay.

Insurance rates should reflect this and, as far as I know, they do.

If one is capable of driving at a higher speed, safely, I think that is fine, but if the highway is not capable of sustaining that speed leave the limit as it is or lower it.

Following too close is the worst thing that is done on our roads today, usually caused by a speeder or not driving for road conditions. I saw so many accidents of this type during my days with the Motor Vehicle Branch.

So, if they do raise the speed limit, let it be at the right place. Driving will be a job and not a plevasure, and we all will be paying for the right to be there.

Ron Barnard,

West Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News