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LETTER: Don’t pick a party based on promises around carbon tax

A Pitt Meadows woman believes the environment and affordable housing should be key election issues

Dear Editor,

I am distressed to see that anyone would vote for a party to avoid the carbon tax.

The purpose of the carbon tax is to nudge everyone toward lower carbon energy choices.

The purpose of lower carbon energy choices is to preserve an atmosphere for our planet that is conducive to life.

If you don’t think this is a “real” issue, please ask your local librarian to point you to any of the dozens of books available on climate science and energy choices.

Meanwhile, your provincial and federal governments are both providing cash incentives for you to switch to electric vehicles. Ford will introduce an electric pickup in 2020 for those who believe they need that.

By the way, if any party wants to truly help us financially, they can come up with a way to roll housing prices back to 30 per cent of a household income, as it was until the recent past.

This would make a real impact on budgets!

Elaine Higgs, Pitt Meadows

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