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Letter: Don’t lose the small city feel in Penticton

We are losing that look and feeling - that elusive quality of life.

Don’t lose the small city feel

Long ago, there was a little city that was going to host a fair.

The city wanted something special to commemorate the event, so a wonder of technology was created. The fair was well attended by neighbouring towns and countries. After the fair the monument continued to be visited, loved by some, hated by others.

The city grew and the council was pressured to change the look of the city. Developers wanted permission to build higher and higher. Throughout this city’s history the height restriction continues to be enforced — everything must be shorter than the Eiffel Tower. Thanks to the long upheld rules and for the enjoyment of all, Paris still has its iconic beacon and little city feel.

Paris is not alone. Amsterdam went so far as to stop filling in the canals for highways to protect the unique look and feel of their city. Lower Slaughter in the UK, Reykjavik, Iceland and Giethoorn, Netherlands are more examples of people saving their towns from over development.

Many of us bought here for that small city feel. We are losing that look and feeling. That elusive quality of life. When it’s gone, Penticton will be like every other neglected small city — nothing special.

Where is the wisdom in that?

Lynn Crassweller


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