LETTER: Do you know who lives next door?

LETTER: Do you know who lives next door?

Reader says there are many halfway houses in Mission

Do you know who lives next door or in your immediate neighbourhood? Given the booming real estate market, there are a lot of properties changing hands in Mission.

Several months ago I received information that a neighbouring property was sold and that it was being set up as a halfway house with all the issues synonymous with such a business, including spotlights on day and night and strangers in the area.

I have been told there are over a dozen such establishments in Mission. However, my concern is: What type of characters are being housed in our neighbourhoods? Are they pedophiles, violent offenders or persons with issues?

I was involved in an incident recently where the management of the halfway house in my area was driving a vehicle following a pedestrian. When I questioned what was going on, I was told to call the RCMP.

I immediately went to the police station at 2.30 p.m. Unbeknownst to me, the station was closed. Eventually I got hold of an officer who confirmed that there were incidents involving this halfway house. I was told that, due to privacy issues, he could not give me any information about the inhabitants of this residence or even if they had a business licence or zoning for such a business.

Should I be worried?

I did speak to Coun. Rhett Nicholson the same day and asked him to look into the matter and get back to me. I am still waiting for his response.

Hence, having no response from him, I had a meeting with the senior manager of Mission on Jan. 18. He said he was unaware of the halfway house and would investigate their legitimacy. I am still waiting for his promised return call.

My question is, why do the RCMP know about this and possibly other halfway houses in the district, yet management is in the dark? Do we not have a liaison person to keep on top of what is happening in the district?

Mission taxpayers are paying dearly for the RCMP services and council should demand a protocol for information sharing.

What other issues are happening in Mission that council, management and citizens are unaware of?

T.B Mortimer

Mission City Record