LETTER: Discrimination against mask exemption

From reader Christine Berger

As a mask-exempt person with a legitimate letter about being unable to wear a mask I must say I’m dismayed at some local stores and local people. I wear a face shield, keep my distance and would never go out sick, as I do care about others and am trying my best to be respectful. However, I do not feel respected back.

I live in Passmore in the Slocan Valley and I can’t even go to my local store because they are not allowing anyone without a mask in. I had a meeting with the manager where he explained to me that the comfort of the mask wearing folks takes precedence over me. He said that they can’t make the store workable with two metres distancing. I’ve never seen an arrow on the floor there, and I think they could make that work.

They are accommodating mask-exempt people by curbside service. When I go to the store for something, I usually pick up 10 more things I need. Now I have to drive an extra 15 km to buy a bottle of milk and pick up some things I may have forgotten I need but which I see there. It left me feeling very sad and discriminated against.

I tried to go to a couple of stores in Nelson, with my face shield on and my doctor’s letter ready for them. I was refused there too. I just want to say to all the folks complaining to these stores about mask exempt people, that some people just can’t wear masks and who are you to be the police of that and make it so uncomfortable that I can’t even go shop at these stores. Shame on you all. Shame on the stores for not allowing legitimate mask-exempt people in.

Christine Berger


Nelson Star