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LETTER: Development hearing was pushed too fast

Process of approving Jubilee Road East development in Summerland was rushed

Dear Editor:

Re: Rezoning of property at 8709 Jubilee Rd. E and Summerland council Zoom public hearing and council meeting, March 22.

The lack of professionalism on the part of Summerland council was very evident. They looked so bored, chewing food, drinking from cans and mugs. One in particular looked like they might fall asleep.

This was a token meeting, as obviously their minds were made up long before this Zoom meeting.

One owner against this project was cut off from speaking when he was presenting facts regarding the plan right up to now was for low density affordable housing.

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This has been pushed through so fast. Only a month from the first and second readings to the third reading.

Only a few owners got letters about this project and only five days before the first and second readings.

Rush, rush, rush.

Jubilee Road East is all seniors living in several condos and detached housing. Richards and Purves Roads are also affected by having five storeys in their back yards.

More than 300 people live in this area.

One question that was presented to the Turning Points representative: Who is paying for our sidewalks? She said they will be negotiating with council on this. Our tax dollars? Previously stated, this could take up to five years to do.

The car and truck traffic has increased over the years.

With up to 100 or more people of all ages in this five-storey building comes increased traffic.

For many, our view of Giant’s Head Mountain will be gone.

Safety walking is already a concern with the commercial area of this road.

Why push this through now? Wait until an in-person meeting can be held. Pushing this through during this pandemic is not right. Zoom meetings are not the best way to conduct such an important change to this area.

When is the next election? Not soon enough. We need a council that respects and cares about the senior citizens in this Jubilee Road East area.

I am not against affordable housing, just not high-density housing at 8709 Jubilee Rd. E. Keep the original plan of smaller single-family homes.

R. Taylor


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