A developer's rendering of the planned high-rise tower, planned for the west side of the 7700 block of 200th Street.

Letter: Developers need push from Langley council to create footbridge

A letter writer comments on the planned 20-storey seniors complex.

Dear Editor,

If indeed there will be a pedestrian overpass built to the LEC across from the 20 storey seniors development in the 7700 block of 200th, I might point out that if it’s anything similar in height and breadth to the one currently crossing 200th at 66th they might need to consider having an elevator system added to it.

Not too many seniors that I know, including myself, are capable of managing multiple stairs both up and down just to get to the LEC or anywhere else. Especially in inclement weather.

Secondly, if as Mayor Jack Froese states that including that cost in the overall budget would chase away developers, so be it. Just take a look around Willoughby and see what the developers are getting away with now. They can afford it but won’t unless a mayor and council forces them to do it.

Jeff Laurie

Langley Township

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