LETTER: Developer uses aggressive tactics

LETTER: Developer uses aggressive tactics

If this facility is the gem the Lark Group makes it out to be, its merit will speak for itself

Dear Editor:

The definition of a bully is one who “uses superior strength or influence to intimidate… typically to force (someone) to do what he wants.”

Harassment is defined as “aggressive pressure or intimidation.”

Last week while I was teaching piano lessons from my home studio, someone from the Lark Group came to my door, disturbing me at work and causing upset to my students. This is completely unacceptable.

The Lark Group has already filled my mailbox with slick propaganda, its representatives have pitched the Banks Crescent development in front of the businesses I frequent, and it has cluttered my inbox with pleas to support them. And now they are coming to home, knowing that one-on-one coercion is the most effective tactic to use.

This is bullying and harassment on my own doorstep.

I had been sitting on the fence before this, but I am now firmly pushed into the “no development” side, simply because of these invasive “in your face” tactics. Message to the Lark Group: don’t be a bully.

If this seniors’ housing facility is indeed the gem the Lark Group makes it out to be, then its merit will speak for itself.

One has to wonder, however, if this aggressive marketing is to distract us from certain details that the Lark Group feels are better left unsaid.

Anita Perry


Summerland Review