The Canadian Forces’ Snowbirds delighted those along the White Rock waterfront Friday afternoon, flying over Semiahmoo Bay as part of a tour of several Lower Mainland communities. (Nick Greenizan photo)

LETTER: Decision to cancel CF Snowbirds aerial display was disappointing

Writer believes full air show could have been carried out safely


It was disappointing that our mayor and council decided to kill the Snowbirds aerial display slated for July 18. A week earlier, the Snowbirds performed before tens of thousands at the Calgary Stampede. Outdoors, mostly vaccinated, in the breeze. What’s the problem?

But in dear old White Rock, all we got was a flyover.

Our elected representatives can’t get out of the habit of enforcing restrictive measures, such as the ridiculous advice for people to wear masks on the promenade.

Count me as one peon getting a little fed up with “chicken little” policies based on rumours and unfounded fears.

I would conservatively estimate that at least 10,000 residents could have comfortably viewed the Snowbirds from their hillside homes. But that would have been too much for the Grinches at city hall.

Finally, anyone who’s vaccinated is protected.

Anyone at risk who has not been vaccinated by now, doesn’t want to get vaccinated. I say our society should stop being held captive by anti-vaxxers.

Time to get back to normal.

P. Griffin, White Rock

Editor’s note: the decision to cancel the July 18 aerial show was made by the city in conjunction with the Snowbirds, to comply with B.C.’s current COVID-19 restrictions, limiting outdoor gatherings to no more than 5,000 people.

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