LETTER: Criticism not a solution

LETTER: Criticism not a solution

Ron Robinson responds to Tom Fletcher's latest column

Re: “Politicians grasp at straws, avoid climate policy reality”

Predictably, Tom Fletcher does not have a cohesive thesis in this latest rant. For example, in the carbon tax section he tries to make a connection between the carbon tax, resistance to pipeline expansion and the price of gasoline in the lower mainland. Real experts in the field have already debunked that notion. As yet, the results of a provincial inquiry into gas pricing has yet to become public, since many of the oil companies are unwilling to share information on their pricing strategies.

Fletcher does not mention this. Aside from the political intrigue fashioned by Mr. Fletcher, he has not offered any meaningful contribution to the climate change discussion; and yet maintains a privileged position with Black Press. We must remember that critical thinking can lead to solutions; being only critical is not a solution.

Ron Robinson


Nelson Star