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LETTER: Critical of slow crack down on travellers bringing virus into Canada

We're in it together, but Canadians were just "too nice" in clamping down on COVID

Dear Editor,

We are all in this together is a fine slogan, fortunately most of us are “in.”

Doctors, nurses, health care workers, and first responders deserve all the support possible and a great “thank you.”

Most retail outlets have a good heath safety protocol, but sadly the COVID-19 crisis brings out the selfish, naive, ignorant, and greedy.

Store shelves are empty due to hoarding, health safety items are both stolen and sold at inflated prices.

Returning travellers are cheating on the self quarantine, and safe distancing is being ignored.

Vancouver park wardens just issued 1,200 warning tickets for the preceding.

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How seriously this matter is taken by some of the public could be relative to the slow and weak reaction of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government.

Originally the infections came with international travellers from high-risk countries.

Canada promptly quarantined about 400 to 500 cruise ship passengers at Canadian military bases, but we were weeks into the crisis during which thousands of international airline travellers landed at Canadian airports unrestricted.

Later, passengers were marginally informed of the issue and their personal responsibility by Canada Customs.

At least another week passed before the information was seriously presented to arriving international passengers.

Further time passed before international flights into Canada were curtailed.

Now it is suspected that “Canadian Citizens of Convenience” will seek a safer haven in Canada.

As the infractions of the suggested preventative measures are witnessed and reported it is apparent there are no enforcement procedures in place or no willingness to enforce them.

However, we Canadians are nice polite people.

Maybe too nice.

Hang in there. We are all in this together.

Bob Robinson, Langley


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