Letter – Crisis a deliberate ploy by NATO

Letter to the editor from Grand Forks citizen regarding Russia and the Ukraine crisis.

Yes, there is a crisis in the Ukraine but it is not because of anything Russia has done; rather, it is a deliberate ploy by NATO to create an excuse to increase its military threat toward Russia.Russia did not invade the Crimea—they have had the Sevastapol Naval Base there forever and since the population of that area is predominately of Russian descent, it is not strange that they voted to join Russia rather than accept going the EU route with the Ukraine and end up under the thumb of the World Bank like Greece and Ireland, etc.The western powers, including Canada under Stephen Harper, have distorted the information regarding Russian actions to the extent it is nothing but lies that are so obvious as to be ridiculous to an unbiased observer. We know about the hold NATO has onour Conservative government. When NATO says Canada needs more warships and warplanes and military bases in the Caribbean, Harper says howmany, and jumps right to it. I expect that from Stephen Harper but I am shocked by the media swallowing the cocktail of imaginary truths but even worse is the acceptance by the opposition parties (both Liberal and NDP) of the false messages against Russia. They are spineless and useless and are wasting the votes that elected them.Stephen Harper does not speak for me when acts as front man for his NATO bosses in their quest for Russia’s resources for their bosses – the New World Order.Jack Blower,Grand Forks

Grand Forks Gazette