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LETTER: COVID is really a lesson from Mother Nature

Scribe shares early morning poem speaking to how virus will change the world

Dear Editor,

The Langley Advance Times is doing an awesome job; we rely on you so much to keep us in touch, particularly through these tough times filled with fear and uncertainty.

During one of those unusual creative streaks that happened, when I awoke at 3.30 a.m. on a Saturday morning (this happens on occasion), I grabbed a pen, lay in bed, and [this poem] just flowed out as quickly as I could scribble it down.

Thank goodness, because I was getting tired!

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Poor Mother Earth groaned as she bore the weight

of racism, anger, killing, and hate.

“This all must cease, its very sad,

There is too much poverty, fear and bad.

I need you all to unite as one,

And when you do, my work is done.

This enemy so small, you will not see,

No one immune to its ferocity,

And although the innocent too will die,

The nation together will unite and cry.

World leaders to be brought upon their knees,

None protected from this viral disease.

Your world will never be the same,

For you treated her with indifference and shame,

You all will learn to love all things

that the beauty of Mother Nature brings.

The world you know will cease for good,

The money gone and a shortage of food.

But through all this, the skies will clear,

And strangers will now hold each other dear,

No time for wars, no time for hate,

No more to overpopulate.

And finally, you will all emerge

as butterflies who survived the scourge.

You’ll learn true love and what to hold dear,

And treat Mother Earth with more respect and fear.

You’ll give thanks for every breath that you take,

And finally, hug the friends whom you make.

Said Mother Earth, “You were killing my land and I’m sorry to say

that I had to teach you this lesson this way.”


Frances McGuckin, Abbotsford

P.S. – McGuckin was a Langley resident/author/speaker/community volunteer and even a columnist for many years, who now resides in West Abbotsford. “But, I am a Langley girl at heart with family and friends there,” she concluded.


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