Courtenay City Hall

Courtenay City Hall

LETTER – Courtenay government missing in action

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

Where is our civic government?

Have they abandoned the city?

Are security guards now running city hall?

When we go to pay our taxes we don’t see city hall workers wearing personal protective equipment and doing their jobs, we see a lone security guard with no personal protective equipment waiting to collect the city taxes.

We line up everywhere else and conduct our business in a safe and secure manner. Maybe they are just hiding under the bed. Or maybe they have wasted so much money they cannot afford the personal protective equipment we are all wearing and seeing in all the shops and stores.

In any case, when we have to pay our taxes to a security guard at the front door of city hall, maybe it is time for a new administration, one that will actually show up for work even when the going gets tough. Let’s just hire security guards as mayor and councilors – and yes, maybe even city hall staff since, security guards are the only ones doing the job – and make sure they are safe with the personal protective equipment necessary to do the job.

There will be time to remember how our local government performed when it is election time once more.

Phillip Parmley,


Comox Valley Record