LETTER: Council must listen to the people

Summerland's mayor and council were elected almost by default

Dear Editor:

With regards to ongoing debate over the Banks Crescent development I would like Summerland mayor and council to reflect on why you are the duly elected mayor and council.

Not a single one of you was elected on your business acumen, not one of you was elected on your political experience, not one of you was elected because of your vision for Summerland.

No, you were elected because the majority of those who voted did not want the mayor and council they had at the time.

The majority of those who voted did not agree with the land swap and removal of land from the Agricultural Land Reserve. The majority of comments on the land swap were against the proposals.

People felt their concerns fell on deaf ears. Therefore, the incumbents were voted out.

You, the mayor and council, were elected almost by default.

I believe everyone of you knows this. You were elected because people did not agree with the land use policies proposed.

And now, you are going down the same road.

Listen to the people. Do not leave the town with a decision that cannot be reversed by the next council, because, if you allow the Banks Crescent development I’m pretty sure there will be a new mayor and council.

People, you know, the ones you are supposed be representing, do not want the development as it is proposed.

Ken Haddrell


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