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LETTER – Consider using unscented cleaners and softeners for your laundry

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

More and more of us are going outside for fresh air and exercise during this pandemic because we need to replace the many cancelled activities that we used to do.

Something I’ve noticed on numerous walks and bike rides in the Comox Valley are the scents in the air from homes. I can tell who is cooking a delicious dinner or baking something yummy. But there is a common scent out there that disturbs me – perfumed laundry products. They waft from dryer vents and spread over a large air space and smell so unnatural in an outside setting! I wonder if it confuses birds, bees and other wildlife who rely on their sense of smell for direction. For people who have chronic lung conditions like asthma, or are sensitive/allergic to scents, it is most upsetting.

We might want to ask ourselves, “Why am I using this scented laundry soap or these dryer sheets?”

Did you know that if your washing machine smells musty, it probably needs refreshing or cleaning the inside of it by running a bleach cycle with no clothes? Look in your “Use and Care Guide” for instructions or Google it. Dry the area around the door opening after every wash and keep the dispenser drawers open to dry out and you won’t have that musty smell anymore. Please start using unscented laundry products and next time you go outside for some fresh air, enjoy the many natural, pleasant scents of our earth, like trees, grass, rain, the ocean sea breeze, and a damp woodsy forest. Let’s keep our air clean and natural!

Norma A. Hutchings,


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