LETTER: Concerns about effects of Lark development

Impact on aquifer and ground movement must be considered

Dear Editor:

The Banks Crescent proposal looks so beautiful and the taxes would be welcome, so why is there all this concern about Lark’s proposal?

Just small matters like an unmapped aquifer which could easily be disturbed during the extensive ground disturbances necessary during construction.

This is, at best, an unstable area and we are warned that dire ground movement would cause extensive unwelcome damage near and far away.

The existing infrastructure could also be unable to withstand the heavy traffic and local disruptions.

No tax benefit could possibly cover the trouble and expense which would result if the invasive work during construction causes even some of the suggested problems.

So please, council, give Summerland residents (taxpayers) a break and vote no to this ill-conceived Lark proposal.

Sheila White


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