3L Developments wants to develop the property it owns around Stotan Falls. File photo

LETTER – Comox Valley residents have already ‘soundly rejected’ 3L’s Stotan Falls development pitch

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

Well, here we go again. The zombie project from 3L is rising from the murk again to persuade our local politicians that they will be doing us a favour by allowing development on this property outside the bounds of the Regional Growth Strategy settlement areas.

And why would we need more consultation, as noted in the June 24 article in the Record? A meeting not that long ago, which had every chair filled, soundly rejected the company’s plan. The message was quite clear, I thought; we do not want or need your project in the Comox Valley.

The proponent keeps promising all kinds of goodies to entice us into seeing this as a good thing for the Valley:

Some parkland – we already have a lot of recreational opportunities in the Valley

Affordable housing – affordable for who and how can it be affordable when there are no transit services in that area.

Private water and sewer system – remember Walkerton in Ontario?

If 3L is threatening to sell the property and make it harder to secure the land for community benefit, then do so. This project is in the wrong place and the wrong time and needs to die.

Pam Munroe,


Comox Valley Record

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