LETTER: Comox resident disillusioned with town's 'vision'

LETTER: Comox resident disillusioned with town’s ‘vision’

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

I am so disgusted with the Town of Comox council and its “vision” for the town.

Let’s see what we’ve got. No replacement for the Lorne Hotel, which has been gone since 2011. The property sold to an “individual Asian investor” in October 2016. I think we can assume that, given there’s been no development on this property, the investor was just tucking his money away for safekeeping. In the meantime, this lot, in the centre of town, remains a weed-riddled parking lot.

And then there was the approval for the Berwick addition, against the wishes of the majority of the residents of the town. And what’s with the renovations to the mall? The signature store is a Dollarama for Pete’s sake. And now council will approve a five-storey apartment building by the Comox Golf Club as well as allowing the residents of this development to not pay municipal taxes for eight years. I guess the rest of us just cover that bill.

Council seems to be going for population density with nothing to offer the population. And enough of the “highrises.” Comox does not need any more five-storey buildings. The openness of the town is totally disappearing.

How do we entice people to come to Comox when there’s no pub, no boutique stores and nothing at the marina to interest anyone. I suggest this council reread the OCP, specifically the introduction titled “Visions and Goals.”

The municipal elections can’t come soon enough as far as I’m concerned.

Barb Tribe


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