Letter: Cloverdale-Langley City MP stands by his decision not to support Bill C-225

Editor: I am writing this in response to a recent letter (the Times, (Oct. 28) which challenged my vote on Bill C-225, “Cassie and Molly’s Law.”

This bill examined an important issue in Canadian society, but I personally felt the problems posed by the bill were too serious for it to be supported.

C-225 called for courts to deliver harsher sentences in cases where violence was carried out upon someone known to be pregnant.

In Canada, current judicial procedure already considers this to be an aggravating factor, leading to more severe punishments in cases of violence against pregnant women.

It is also worth considering the deeper implications of Bill C-225. Two similar bills have been tabled in the past: C-484 in 2007 and C-291 in 2006. While C-484 died on the order paper, C-291 was designated non-votable under a Conservative parliament for being unconstitutional.

The most troubling aspect of Bill C-225 was its ramifications on female reproductive rights.

I support, as does this government, a woman’s right to choose. Bill C-225 was a back-door attempt to re-open the abortion debate in Canada. This is something I unequivocally cannot support.

The previous Conservative government chose not to resurrect this issue throughout their 10 years in government and is yet another indication that the vast majority of Canadians do not want this important right to be rolled back.

John Aldag,

MP for Cloverdale-Langley City

Langley Times

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