LETTER – Climate crisis denier’s letter ‘a breath of fresh air’

"If there was evidence of global warming, we would have seen it by now."

Dear editor,

Otto Schulte’s letter about climate change is a breath of fresh air. Cities around the world are reacting to UN propaganda delivered by ICLEI to local governments, by banning gasoline-powered cars, natural gas appliances and requiring more energy-saving upgrades to houses.

All of these moves are totally unnecessary and limit the freedom of all of us. They give some of us subsidies at the expense of all, with no evidence of any reason for doing so.

There is no global warming. There is no planetary emergency, there is no “Extinction Event,” around the corner, the polar bears are just fine, but humans have gone crazy with worry about the ‘global warming’ aka ‘climate change’ hoax.

If there was evidence of global warming, we would have seen it by now.

LETTER: Disappearing Comox Glacier evidence of climate change

But the opposite is true. There is strong evidence of a descent into a new little ice age.

Get ready for it, it will get a lot colder and wetter before we see a lot of warmth again.

Larry Pierce,

Hornby Island

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