Letter: Climate change driving vote

Need to elect someone who understands the problem

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Recent reports from the IPCC and others show that there is a strong consensus among scientists that the earth we live on is headed for a very serious climate catastrophe If it happens, we will have to make enormous expenditures to adapt and survive.

For example, a report commissioned by the government of B.C. on the costs of defending the 250,000 people living in Richmond from floods arising from rising ocean levels, would be over four billion dollars. It is obvious that we should take bold action now to limit change and avoid such expense and misery. To do this we need strong political leadership.

For all his adult life Richard Cannings has been a strong environmentalist. He is a professional biologist who has written a dozen books on the BC wildlife and the environment and has been actively engaged in a variety of environmental agencies and projects. He is a very capable member of parliament and knows how the system works. It’s hard to imagine a better defender of our beautiful part of the world.

There is one simple and inexpensive thing that we can do to contribute to our own and our children’s future well-being — walk into a polling station on election day and put an X on your ballot for Richard Cannings.

John Harrop


Penticton Western News

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