Letter: City’s decision devastating

Those most closely involved with the project...are being ignored, perhaps, betrayed, writes Tracey Garvin.

I am confused and devastated by the decision of our newly elected city council to put the MAAPS extension on hold.

Those most closely involved with the project and whose thousands of volunteer hours have created an enviable model of community activism, commitment and co-operation are being ignored, perhaps, betrayed.

Please consider the names attached to the letters to the editor of March 21. These are people who have worked incredibly hard within our community in many capacities, not just MAAPS. These are the visionaries and the doers. I am so sad.

“True compassion….isn’t neat and tidy. It’s messy and ugly and scary and vulnerable and awkward.  And wonderfully life giving.”  – Rev Ric Matthews

Tracey Garvin, Grand Forks

Grand Forks Gazette